WTF? Fierce at the Fringe 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fierce Backbone is seeking ONE PAGE PLAYS about characters who are finding themselves in horrible/ridiculous/awful situations. In fact, the final line/moment/situation must trigger someone (or an audience) to say….”You’re so f*cked!”  OR “What the f*ck?”  We will train our audiences to join in this call-out at the end of each short play. We hope it will be a fun night where everyone can blow off a little cathartic steam about life's annoyances and horrible circumstances beyond our control. Or whatever you want to write about!

15 – 20 of these plays (or more if we get enough good ones) will be presented as part of Fierce Backbone’s WTF? at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June 2015. We will determine the final program once we see how many scripts we get. Here are the submission details:

1.  DEADLINE: May 31st, 2015 @ midnight PDT.

2.  Please keep your play to ONE PAGE. Okay…2, if you must. But that’s the longest! We won’t read more than 2 pages!! Sorry!

3.  2 – 5 characters MAX (NO MONOLOGUES!!)

4.  Please keep props & costumes to a bare minimum, as we will only have seconds between scripts to pull items from a trunk. Please keep this in mind for sound/lights as well. BUT…don’t be shy to be creative with locations and situations. Give us a great little play and we'll figure out a way to make it happen on stage. Promise!

5.  We really want PLAYS with a beginning/middle/end and not a sketch (that just tells a joke).

6.  The format lends itself to comedy but challenge us! If you have a great idea for something dramatic that ends in WTF? or GFY! we want to read it!

7.  Submit as many scripts as you want! Please have your title, name and contact info in the header or footer of the page. HELP US SAVE PAPER and don’t use a cover page.

8.  This should be fun and challenge writers and actors with telling extremely short stories. It is not our goal to re-write for the writer, but we might need to make tweaks in the 11th hour to make something work for the show. If you are not up for a collaborative experience with us, this may not be for you. Just sayin’, okay? You’ve been warned.

9.  We are writers and we love other writers. We won't steal your work because we’re not assholes. We promise. We shouldn’t have to say this but we know sometimes it comes up when people send things off to people they don’t know. If we use your work, we will tell you and we will give you credit for it. (Sorry. There’s no pay for the writers on this, just bragging rights.)

10.  We will determine the final number of plays for performance based on the number of quality scripts we receive.** We currently have THREE Fringe performance dates/times at The Dorie Theatre @ The Complex:

  • Friday, June 12th @ 11pm

  • Saturday, June 20th @ 10:15pm

  • Saturday, June 27th @ 3:30pm

11.  Please send scripts via EMAIL ONLY (no hard copies) PDF or WORD files to: WTF@fiercebackbone.com with “WTF SUBMISSION” in the subject line. We will only contact you if we use your script. We will finalize our line-up by June 5th at the very latest so you should hear from us by then.

**We hate this but at this time we cannot guarantee comps to playwrights due to the intimate size of the performance venue and our super limited performance schedule!! ARGH! (We’ll be lucky if we break even.) We’re going to see how many different writers we are including before we make a final decision. But at this time NO ONE involved in the show will get a comp. Nada. But we will let you know if this changes.

Tickets are only $10 bucks!! 

Please come out no matter what and party with us!!

One more time…DEADLINE: May 31st @ midnight PDT.

Amy Tofte